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SparkFun 7-Segment Serial Display - Blue

SparkFun 7-Segment Serial Display - Blue

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Key Features

  • 4 digit blue alpha-numeric display with TTL, SPI or I2C Serial Interface
  • Individual segment control for each digit
  • Display numbers, most letters, and a few special characters
  • Selectable baud rate & brightness

4-digit 7-segment displays are really neat little devices, it's a shame that they can be so cumbersome to control.  The SparkFun 7-Segment Serial Display combines a classic 4-digit 7-segment display and an ATMega328 microcontroller allowing you to control every segment individually using only a few serial lines.

The Serial 7-Segment Display can be controlled in one of three ways: Serial TTL communication, SPI serial communication or I2C serial. You can even program it for stand-alone operation since the ATMega328 comes pre-loaded with the Arduino bootloader! There is also an FTDI header on board and we've provided a hardware profile for the Arduino IDE to make it even easier to program.

Layout changes make it easier to incorporate these into your project. The power and I2C pins were moved to the sides of the board such that you can chain them together in order to display longer strings of digits. Mounting holes were added to the boards so you can mount them on standoffs (no more hot glue!)

Item Specifics
Individual control of decimal points, apostrophe, and colon
Baud rate and brightness values retained in non-volatile memory
Size: 41mm x 23mm (1.6in x 0.9in)
Basic soldering skills required
Fundamental programming skills needed