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SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed Breadboard-able Development board (Arduino-Compatible)

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Key Features

  • ATmega328 microcontroller with Optiboot (UNO) Bootloader
  • Programmable over a USB Mini-B cable using the Arduino IDE
  • On-board power regulator handles 7 to 15VDC
  • Power the RedBoard over USB or through the barrel jack

The SparkFun RedBoard combines the simplicity of the UNO's Optiboot bootloader (which is used in the Pro series), the stability of the FTDI and the R3 shield compatibility of the latest Arduino UNO R3.

The RedBoard can be programmed over a USB Mini-B cable using the Arduino IDE: Just plug in the board, select "Arduino UNO" from the board menu and you're ready to upload code. RedBoard has all of the hardware peripherals you know and love: 14 Digital I/O pins with 6 PWM pins, 6 Analog Inputs, UART, SPI and external interrupts.The SDA, SCL and IOREF pins are broken out so the RedBoard will be compatible with future shields. This version adds an SMD ISP header for use with shields.

You can power the RedBoard over USB or through the barrel jack. The on-board power regulator can handle anything from 7 to 15VDC. Check out the related items below for a compatible wall-wart power supply.

Item Specifics
USB Programming Facilitated by the Ubiquitous FTDI FT231X
Input voltage - 7-15V
0-5V outputs with 3.3V compatible inputs
14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
6 Analog Inputs
ISP Header
32k Flash Memory
16MHz Clock Speed
All SMD Construction
R3 Shield Compatible