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Speaker Grill Frame Kit

Speaker Grill Frame Kit

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Key Features:

  • Tight-fit interlocking assembly
  • Rugged construction for even the largest speakers
  • Great for large PA or vintage speakers
  • Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions
  • Extra corners and T-joints available separately

This interlocking grill frame kit is just what you need to replace your old worn out speaker grills, or to put that finishing touch to your new speaker project. All pieces fit together tightly and are made of rugged plastics so even the largest grills are possible. To prevent misalignment of sockets, pilot holes are provided in each corner plug. These holes can also be used to put the original brand badging or your own personal logo adding the finishing touch to your project. 

Item Specifics
4 - 42" frame rails
4 - Corners
4 - Sockets
2 - T– joints
1 - 42" crossbrace
Weight: 1lb 10 oz
Grill cloth not included
NOTE: One kit can make a grill frame as large as 46-1/2" x 45-1/4".