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The Mosquito® Hotend Kit - 12V, 300C

The Mosquito® Hotend Kit - 12V, 300C

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Key Features:

  • Superior heat break performance - conduct 85% less heat than a standard threadedheat break
  • Rigid torque resistant structure
  • 450°C rated for larger temperature operating range
  • Lightweight and modular/adaptable to almost any FFF/FDM printer
  • Ideal for multi-extrusion systems

The Mosquito™ Hotend is the next step in the evolution of hotend technology. With incredibleheat break performance, high temperature rating, low mass, and the famous one-handed nozzlechange™, it is the ideal engineering-grade addition to your 3D printer.

By reimagining how a hotend is designed and structured from the ground up. The materials ineach part of the Mosquito Hotend™ have been hand selected to perform a specific task tooptimize your printer’s performance with speed, modularity, and durability in mind. Users of theMosquito Hotend™ create everything from spinal fusion devices to race car parts to 3DBenchy’s. Are you ready to see your vision fully realized?

Kit Includes
1 - Mosquito Hotend™
1 - Mosquito Hotend™ Mounting Hardware
1 - Set of Mosquito Hotend™ hex keys for assembly, disassembly and mounting
1 - 50W Heater Cartridge
1 - 25mm Fan
1 - Thermistor (300degC)
1 - Vanadium Nozzle - 1.75mm x 0.40mm
2 - Super tasty US-made gourmet lollipops

Highly recommend the use of BN paste with the Mosquito Hotend™ to provide good thermal conductivity between the hotend and heater/thermistor.