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Adafruit 20mm Coin Cell Breakout Board (CR2032) [ADA1870]

Adafruit 20mm Coin Cell Breakout Board (CR2032) [ADA1870]

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Simple but effective - this sewable breakout board has a CR2032 coin cell battery holder soldered on and 0.1" pitch breakout pins for easy connecting. Great for powering very low-current projects, or adding a battery backup circuit to a real-time-clock or similar.

Comes with one fully assembled and tested coin cell battery holder and a small stick of 0.1" header so you can solder it on and plug into a breadboard. Coin cell battery is not included.

We also have a version with an on/off switch

  • Adafruit Part Number: 1870
  • Stock Type: Breakout Boards >> Batteries/Power
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