Artec Scanners

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For scanning Medium Size Objects

Artec Eva

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Artec Eva Professional Handheld 3D Scanner

For scanning small size objects

Artec Space Spider

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For Scanning Medium to Large Size Objects

Artec Leo

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For Scanning Very Small Size Objects

Artec Micro

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for Scanning Very Large Objects

Artec Ray

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Artec Ray setup in industrial setting scanning entire area
Side view of Artec Ray 3D Laser Scanner
Artec Ray Laser Scanner setup next to Artec branded Smart Car

Compare Artec 3D Scanners' Specs

Eva/Eva Lite


Space Spider


Scanner Type Handheld Desktop Handheld Handheld, tetherless Long Range

Size of Scanning Object/Area

Medium to Large Very Small Small Medium to Large Large to Very Large
Accuracy, up to 0.1 mm 0.01 mm
0.05 mm 0.1 mm 0.7mm @ 15m
Resolution, up to 0.2/0.5 mm 0.029 mm 0.1 mm 0.2mm 0.0125°
Target free technology Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color + geometry tracking Yes/No
N/A Yes Yes
Scanning Software Artec Studio Artec Studio Artec Studio On-board Software Artec Studio or Remote App